Daily Archives: September 22, 2021

I had a very busy day today as I am preparing for a couple back-to-back trips. I had not planned to share a blog at this point, but I heard that Voice in my head saying, “No time like the present…Write what you have to say now.”

How often do we put off words, actions, events because we are waiting for the right moment when we’re “ready” or “prepared” enough to take a plunge into the waters of a river that is changing every single moment? And we risk the loss of a glorious opportunity paralyzed in perfectionism thinking if we don’t do it A+ perfect, we should skip trying at all.

Infinity gives us so many chances. But on this globe we call Earth, there are limitations. Those who hesitate are not only lost, they may well be defeated. The grace period only extends so far here…then TIME’S UP.

I have become acutely aware of this in the previous week as a family member and a dear friend both passed away, hopefully accomplishing what their soul goal was. ( I like to think they did because both of them were extremely motivated movers and shakers. One was a state senator and the other was the first female police chief of Portland, Oregon.)

That got me thinking about time and infinity, life and death, which lead to “ Am I fulfilling or at least working on my soul purpose?” Hey, do I even remember what that is?

Like a bolt of lightening striking me straight in the heart, I passionately realize/recall what that purpose, raison d’ĂȘtre, is for me. ( That’s something that I am not sharing until a later date.) I will say this, however, I picked one of the hardest choices for a human being to accomplish.

Back to time and its more profound extension…Infinity. The eternal best expresses in us as what we choose to do in a lifetime. We don’t know how many breaths we get to sing out, how many words we get to speak, how many promises we get to keep, how many lives we get to touch, how many times we get to love. That’s classified information.

I, for one, choose to shoot the works, taking time to make moments that will astound even myself to make the most of a rich life before I step on that path to Infinity. May we all be so motivated with the gifts we have regardless of what they may be.

P.S. I have noticed that this blog is being dated as September 22, 2021. I had not accounted for the time zone of the publication site. Rest assured, I posted it at another time and place…………..